8FOR - Eigth steps For Restart

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Looking at the confusion and bewilderment of SMEs in a new and difficult challenges due to the change and the evolution of social-economic system and related markets , this methodology wants to give a track to take on this situation strategically . The methodology consists of 8 steps .

  1. Look ahead
  2. Check you trend
  3. Know the difficulties
  4. Check its strength
  5. Analyze its ability
  6. Assess the necessary synergies
  7. Prove collaborations
  8. Promote the consent

  1. Look ahead. Having a vision of the context in which our company will operate in the future and what position you want to be in that context.
  2. Check you trend. Check the current economic, innovative, dimensional trend in order to make an extrapolation in the future context to see which position will actually take our enterprise.
  3. Know the difficulties. Analyse and predict what are the obstacles that stand in our future entrepreneurial way.
  4. Check its strength. Compare the current and future chance of our company in front of those will be required by the context that we should take on.
  5. Analyze its ability. Verify that the abilities, expertise and knowledge in place are consistent with the requirements of the context in which the company operates, identify any gaps to be filled and understand if their growth is sustainable in the future.
  6. Assess the necessary synergies. As the previous points you have to take all the considerations necessary to identify gaps and difficulties that can be overcome through synergies with other companies. It means opening a new concept instead of the usual way to operate individually.
  7. Prove collaborations. Identified the synergies switching it needs to check the availability and preconditions to possible collaborations and their feasibility.
  8. Promote the consent The collaboration creates results with an attitude to create the consensus on the objectives with an effort to share information and expertise.

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